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Crazy Gifts

Millions of gifts are given throughout the country; it is hard to come up with gifts that are not so ordinary and predictable. People give gifts for multiple reasons, for birthdays, Christmas, holidays, promotions, baby’s, wedding, anniversaries and for many other reasons. For the right occasion there needs to be the right gift. But, the right gift doesn’t need to be boring; I can be exciting, fresh and new.

Traditional Gifts Ideas that are always nice but can be slightly tilter on boring. Usually you just hand over the gift with these, with a calm hug and a salutation. Very straightforward.

  • Flowers, Balloons and cards
  • Food items like cookie, candy and going out to eat in a restaurant
  • Stuffed animals
  • Movies, Books and CDs

There isn’t anything wrong with traditional gift giving but, for some people it is better to be able to think outside the box when looking for a right gift idea. It is time to get creative in the actual gift and perhaps in the actual gift giving act. Take the traditional gift giving ideas, and make a twist on it to elevate it to a crazier gift.

Here are some ways to spin on the traditional gift.

  • The typical flowers, balloons and cards…. To make a twist on it instead of giving flowers that will eventually die in a week. Plant a flower for them. Instead of balloons, fill the balloons with little messages, or candy and then put them everywhere! While they are sleeping fill a room with these balloons and have fun watching them pop them all open. You can hide additional gifts within the abyss of balloons.
  • Food gift ideas with a crazy spin, instead of doing a boring box of chocolates. Be crazy and try something totally unexpected, chocolate covered crickets.
  • Instead of giving a stuffed animal, is the stuffed animal! This would also be a crazy idea to deliver any gift in a costume. Try to wear a Workaholics bear coat, it will be sure to be remembered for years to come.
  • A crazy spin on the media focused gift idea can be taking them to a concert outside of their usual listening tastes. Being forced outside the comfort zone. If you are purchasing a book, write little notes throughout it to be discovered as it is read.

Regardless of what style of gift you want to give, if it is a more traditional gift mix things up and give it to them in a crazy way that they are surely not to forget. Whether the gift is delivered in full on costume, wearing a bear coat or a head to toe spandex outfit it is a crazy idea. But, the craziest gifts will be though that aren’t predictable and will be delivered in a crazy fashion.

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