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Diamond Ring Varieties

The diamond ring is recognized the world over as the ultimate symbol of love and commitment. No matter a person’s income, background, or social status, the diamond ring is the one piece of jewelry that almost always crosses the class lines. Every girl dreams of her perfect wedding and part of that dream is always the perfect engagement ring. The professionals at your local Lansing jewelry stores are experts at helping you find the perfect ring for your special day.

The first thing to think about when looking for a diamond ring is the style that is desired. The classic solitaire is never a wrong choice; this is the traditional style for an engagement ring and will showcase the diamond best. The three-stone is another popular choice and usually includes a larger center stone with a smaller diamond on each side. Cluster style rings are usually a less expensive choice and, whilst usually sold as everyday jewels rather than for engagement rings, are becoming more popular with the budget-conscious couples out there.

One you have decided on a style, you must think about the “4 C’s” [carat, cut, clarity, and color] of the actual diamond itself and what factors are most important. The carat weight measures the weight of the diamond and generally the higher the carat, the bigger the stone. A 1 carat diamond is usually a good place to start for an engagement ring unless your budget is really limited; this is a size that will show presence on the hand but not be overpowering. The cut is the shape of the stone along with how many facets there are. The round brilliant cut is the traditional engagement ring style but emerald cut [rectangular step] and princess cut [faceted square] are also quite popular. The clarity measures the amount of visible inclusions the stone has [try to find VS and above] and the color rates the whiteness of the stone [D is colorless and the closer one gets to that rating, the higher the price]. One should strive to buy a stone that is the best possible in each category for their budget.

For many couples, the diamond engagement ring will be one of the most expensive pieces of jewelry they will ever buy. With that in mind, try to get the best you can afford; this is an investment that a woman will keep her entire lifetime and quite possibly pass down to another generation. Nothing in a girl’s jewelry box is held in higher regard than this symbol of eternal love.

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