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Every Solitary Woman Can Wear an Engagement Ring

No woman need be cheated from seeing an engagement ring on her finger. Surprisingly, she does not have to be engaged in order to enjoy the twinkle of a magnificent diamond on her finger. Yes, this is true. An engagement ring is a solitaire. The definition of a solitaire is a diamond or other gem in a shank setting. It is one single stone. Predictably, an engagement ring is an offer of marriage and is a ring with one single diamond. However, a single diamond ring is also a solitaire. So the finest forged shank mount can display a startling glorious diamond on any woman’s finger. The diamond is one of the hardest known substances on planet earth. The magical qualities of a crystal-clear sparkle make the diamond much alluring and curious. The fun and engaging part of wearing a solitaire is picking the exact prefect ring. Consider the diamond gemstone first and paramount. This is where a woman can get the assistance of a jeweler in deciding which diamond is best for her budget. At Mitchum Jewelers the staff can help choose the shape of the diamond best suited for the hand of the lady. The choice of diamond is significant because it sets the stage for the elements of the entire ring. Some very common shapes are round, emerald, and oval.

This diamond solitaire can be worn on either left or right hand and is a personal preference. Considering world traditions some cultures bestow the wedding band and engagement rings on the left hand in disagreement to other cultures placing the band and engagement ring on the right hand. Some cultures put the wedding band on one hand and the engagement ring on the opposite hand. A diamond solitaire will be perfect and will present a pretty hand in all case.

Consider Mitchum Jewelers, under the category of Engagement Rings there are many classifications, but in particular the two most interesting are solitaires and diamond rings. The difference is a solitaire is one solo gemstone and profiles the grander of the stone: the diamond. The solitaire ring is like a superb piece of fine art. The diamond is the subject matter, or analogist to the painted portrait. The ring’s metal shank is representative of the picture frame. All attention is with the stone itself the star and is the main focal point. In contrast the diamond ring selection are types of rings with clusters of diamonds; so expected the diamond rings will have a smothering set of smaller-chip diamonds as well as a central diamond piece. The solitaire is far more engaging because of its eminence and its epic place of all gemstones. It is royalty. Accordingly, every single woman should engage their sensibilities and boldly adorn a single diamond solitaire on their finger.

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