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Fun Gifts For a Boy

If you are anything like me, you have the opinion that boys are so hard to buy presents for. I don’t understand why but they just are. Probably because I am not one, so I don’t fully understand what they most like or most want in a present. Don’t fret! No matter what your budget is, there are options of fun presents that are sure to fit unique personalities.

If your boy is into technology or considered a “techy”, consider getting him some sort of a gadget or tool. With all the current advances in technology it seems as if something new is coming out each and every day. I know my husband is constantly look at electronics so if I let him run free in Best Buy he would be one happy camper!

If your boy is into music is to purchase a USB drum kit which allows him to play the drums on his computer and not have to worry about the instrument and it’s various pieces and parts. This is also more preferably to your ears as a parent since we all know how loud drums can be! If you are daring, perhaps the real deal musical instrument would be a great hit. Maybe you could even throw in some lessons so that he can learn how to play the instrument. There’s also concert tickets for a great present if your boy is musical and has a band or artist that he particularly likes.

If you have a boy who may be into computers, get him a Microsoft stock certificate. This is something unique, and a good investment since Microsoft is such a good company. It also can get your teen thinking about money and investments and making good budgeting choices. This could lead to some great teaching moments and conversations. It is never too early to teach about good budgeting habits.

Boys tend to be overly careful about their looks so another idea is shaving products. This is a great option for your boy to start shaving but still take really good care of his skin and help him not to cut himself. He will probably feel really good about his appearance using this. Who knows it might even help to build confidence if he is struggling in that arena.

Lastly, if your boy is a typical boy and is more active and into outdoor sports and activities consider something fun such as a Ripstick. This device is a new spin on the classic skateboard and combines techniques of skateboarding, snowboarding and surfing. Give him a challenge he can’t resist. Another great idea when it comes to sports is a football. A Tealco Light Up football is a great option of a football for sale out in the market. Give your boy hours of fun in the daylight or night with this great football he can throw around and be active with.

So instead of doing the same old boring present, get creative and give your boy a fun, unique and odd present for the next holiday or upcoming birthday. Boys will always be boys and need to have their fun and excitement.

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