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Great Hooka Accessories

If you are a true hookah lover then you are probably always on the lookout to enhance your hookah experience. You can achieve just that with some simple accessories we have compiled for you to read. First things first, let’s start with the base:

  1. Hookah vases.
    The vase does not solely serve as the foundation of the smoking, it is also the most dominant part and therefore it really deserves to look its best. There are so many creative looking vases out there that it won’t be that difficult to find one or two that will truly add up some style to your hookah set.
  2. Glass Pipes.
    The glass pipes don`t have to be there just for functional purposes, why not consider twisted pipes, acryl decorated or even customized with your own initials or favorite quote. Use your imagination and you may end up with a great looking piece of equipment. Something else you need to look into when choosing the right set of pipes is how easy are you going to be able to clean them, do they come with different flavor enhancers, are they uniquely made by the method of hand blowing and off course, compare price and quality across different offers out there.
  3. Hookah Flavors.
    Mint, strawberry, mango, apple… there are probably as many hookah flavors as you can think of. If you don’t try different ones every time you get the opportunity to do so, how are you going to know which one is your favorite? Something you can do is to try different flavorings every month and then, after you`ve tried a number, stick to the ones that suit you the most. There are even some offers of 20 and more flavors packed in one set, this can be a great way to explore a lot of alternatives with just one buy.
  4. Ice hose tips.
    This is one of the most popular hookah accessories on the market. It will enhance your smoking experience so that it contains packets of water that appear as ice cubes when they are frozen, this way when the smoke travels through it and touches with the frozen water it is being cooled in order to provide you with an ice-like experience.
  5. Colorful hoses.
    Give your hookah set a lively feel with a new set of colorful hoses. When picking this piece of your set be sure to check if they are rust resistant, are not prone to collecting dirt and that they are easy to maintain and clean after extensive use.

A great way to keep up with all the innovations of the field and to come up with new ideas for hookah accessories is to browse the internet forums on the subject that are currently quite active since it is a product that many are passionate about.

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