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How To Buy A New Dress


When it’s time to start shopping for a dress, there are a few key things to keep in mind. You must find a dress that is flattering to your body shape. You must also find the right style that fits your lifestyle and personality. Once you’ve figured out these details, dress shopping will be a blast at Downeast dresses

Everyone has a different body shape, and making sure you have found your specific shape will allow you to find a dress that fits you perfectly, regardless of what your body looks like. Color isn’t always the most important factor in buying a dress. If you aren’t in love with the color, but the dress fits perfectly, you’ll look fabulous, and the color won’t even matter.

Dresses should not fit too tightly or too loosely to your body. They should accentuate your best features. On some women that may be the legs, and on some, it may be the waist. Either way, the dress should show off your best parts. A well-fitting dress will also hide some areas on the body that you don’t want to be as noticeable. That may be your stomach area or your backside.

If you have an hourglass shape, then you are a curvy woman. Your hips, thighs and bust are fuller, while your waist is smaller. A more form-fitting dress can accentuate your body, while a stretchy sheath will allow you to be comfortable, but will still define your shape in a classy way. A-line dresses are also complimentary for an hourglass shape.

A pear shape is narrower through the shoulders with a smaller waistline and torso area. The hips, thighs and backside are usually larger because weight is carried more in these areas. This is a more triangular shape and dresses that accentuate your smaller top half will be more flattering. A-line styles allow the top to look smaller while hiding the larger bottom half. A neckline that has more detailing will draw the eye upward. The lower half of the dress should drape loosely over the hips and thigh area.

A rectangular shape is someone that doesn’t have a lot of definition in the waist area. The legs will be the same shape as the waist and torso, creating a flat surface, even on the backside. This is the type of shape that needs curves and definition created through the clothing. A ruching front will create the illusion that there are curves. A revealing neckline will also draw attention upward. A belted waist will create definition on a rectangular shape as well. Prints on the skirt will also create the look of curves through the waist area.

Once you understand your proper body shape, finding a dress at Downeast dresses will be a cinch. Everyone can look great, regardless of their body shape. Every woman is beautiful and deserves to wear a dress that makes her look even better.

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