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Showing Some Appreciation for the Feather Boa

Feather boas are one of the more unique fashion accessories. It’s not that uncommon for some accessories to fall in and out of style over the years. What sets boas apart from the rest is that they’ve always been in style. While other items come and go, boas have simply changed their meaning over the years. They’ve been around since 1820, and they’re sure to still be popular in 2020. What’s changed is the meaning which people take from a boa. Every article of clothing makes a statement to the world. One piece says you’re in a serious mood. Another shows that you’re lighthearted and looking for fun. Boas have said all this and more over the years.

The exact year in which boas entered the fashion world is somewhat uncertain. It’s usually thought to be around 1820 though. In particular, they were widely appreciated within the Victorian culture. Boas of this period tended to portray a darker and more elegant appearance. One can think of them as an allusion to ravens. A boa of the period would often highlight a woman’s smaller physical stature, while also insisting on a dark elegance.

And this is where one can see how history really changes the meaning of fashion. The boa continued to be popular over the years. The biggest surge in popularity for the boa happened during the mid-twentieth century. Entertainers were focusing more and more on a colorful and flamboyant image. In an ironic twist, an item once renowned for dignified elegance had a whole new meaning given to it. Instead of darker colors, boas were suddenly bright and colorful. The feathers were no longer meant to conjure up images of ravens. Instead, they would create images of peacocks or even more outrageous designs.

The next few decades saw this image solidifying within pop-culture. The boa had been well known, but it wasn’t seen very often in day to day life. Suddenly, it wasn’t too unusual to see a variety of bright and colorful boas whenever music videos appeared. This love of boas quickly leapt off of the stage and into people’s lives. The boa was suddenly a way to show an enthusiastic expression of joy in almost any festive situation. Parades and celebrations in areas such as New Orleans were always filled with people wearing boas. This view of the boa held true for about a decade. And this also takes us to the modern day.

We’re at a unique point where there’s not as much inherent meaning to the boa. The cultural impact of the boa has ranged between multiple extremes. And the public recognizes the boa for what it is. A versatile accessory which can say whatever a person wants it to say. Today it can be used to add a dignified elegance to a piece. At the same time, it can be used to show a love of flashy camp. The boa has become almost like a paint brush, used to add a certain flair to any outfit.

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